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ProDeveloper is your top choice for a web design agency Tampa. Our team is skilled in many facets of marketing with overlapping experience in each – we provide a comprehensive array of offerings that can take you to the next level.

Our team produced high level agency quality work at a fraction of the cost of the next serious competitor. We also do this without compromising on quality.

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Web Design Agency Tampa
Phil Reale - CEO ProDeveloper About Us

Phil Reale – Chief of Development

Phil is a creative entrepreneur from Tampa Bay, Florida. Starting initially as a graphic designer, he evolved into a web designer using rich media ( Flash ) in the early days and onto more robust projects in programming to become a full-fledge web development engineer. Phil has helped create streamlining in even the biggest companies and their marketing processes including Fortune500 companies for over 20 years. Phil has worked hard developing business solutions in many different markets.

Phil specializes in design including branding, brand management, graphic and web design, UI/UX design, software development, as well as search engine optimization and search marketing, financial technologies and business fundraising. When he is not busy running a web design agency Tampa his hobbies include being a Dad, movies, Krav Maga, and cryptocurrency.

Jessica Hartman - Marketing Director

Maggie Reale – Project Manager

Maggie is a developer and social media guru. As an expert in business management and branding, Maggie brings a strong background in technical and content writing, graphic design and search engine optimization. She adds a smart, friendly and professional addition to the team. As a specialist in Point-of-Sale and eCommerce, including print design and management, we are proud to have her aboard.

When not consumed in the business world, Maggie enjoys relief print making, oil and watercolor painting, and almost anything arts and crafts related. An expert in Krav Maga self defense, she also loves Boston Terrier’s and being a Mom.


Jessica Hartman - Marketing Director

Fabio Cardoso – Lead Developer

Fabio is a talented engineer and developer capable of creating streamlined software and user experiences for multiple niches. Specializing in secure platforms and blockchain applications – he is currently working with software for use in fintech markets. As a software engineer in the area of crypto web applications Fabio stays on top of the latest blockchain tech.

Most of his work is automation of systems using APIs created in PHP, Java, javascript, Mysql and more. Fabio also have lots of experience with e-commerce websites and integration systems. An avid road biker and adventurous outdoorsman in his spare time – Fabio is a great addition to the team! 


Jessica Hartman - Marketing Director

Suresh Talabaktula – Lead Developer

Suresh is one of our developer rockstars. He has over a decade in development experience using multiple web development platforms, and uses his skills to help our clients around the world.

Specializing in advanced SEO and web marketing, he also is a serious WordPress expert. Integrations and API setups are also a talent, along with css, js, and much more. From small to large web development, Suresh has it covered.



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